How do we decide who are in our extended warranty quick guide

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We believe that products which are ranked in some kind of order are misleading unless the ranking is explained. We are proud of the independent, unbiased philosophies of this site. We want to totally unbiased towards anyone and give consumers ultimate choice. However we have had some feedback that sometimes people just want to make a quick choice and do not have the time or the inclination to figure out which option is best for them based upon multiple factors.

Our goal with the quick guide is to give consumers a way to identify which aspect of the product is the most important to them and give the top 3 options which if you care only about that aspect would present the best options for you.

The different ways we evaluate options are explained below.

Cheapest Extended Warranty

cheapest price extended warranty 2

You can get an extended warranty for a variety of periods which are typically 3 or 5 years. The top three in the quick guide are based upon looking at the different lengths are trying to get a sense for which suppliers offer the cheapest product. If one suppliers offers a very good value 3 year price but doesn’t offer a 5 year price it still may be listed.

Quickest Response Extended Warranty

quickest response extended warranty

This based upon the extended warranty retailers who quote any kind of service level in terms of how long they will take to fix the product. Most retailers do not quote a service level agreement so it is difficult to be sure how well this measure is. Currys/PC World is a retailer with two levels of cover both a standard and premier. It quotes the product will be fixed or replaced within 21 days (of the engineers first visit) for its standard cover. Where as with it premier cover it will be fixed or replaced within 7 days of the first engineer visit. Some other retailers quote that they will send somebody to fix the product within 48 hours. Some say that once the engineer has visited they will fix most problems within 2 days. Details of the response times are listed in the table below.

If other retailers were able to publish these kind of figures them it would be easier for consumers to compare the speed at which their products would be fixed within. As and when this information is published we will update our quick guide.

Most comprehensive Extended Warranty

most comprehensive extended warranty

We have taken into account if they have: accident cover, annual health check, loan product, new for old replacement, unlimited repairs. If you look at the table below. The ranking is based upon the total of the ones and zeros given to each extended warranty cover based upon our interpretation of the extended warranty summary and terms & conditions. These are the extended warranty terms and conditions‘ documents used to compile the chart.

Different products sometime have different features so not all things that you can get points for are relevant in all product categories. For example under laptop extended warranty policies you sometimes get a loan product while yours is being fixed where as with washing machine extended warranty policies you do not get a loan product if yours is not working or being fixed.

New for old replacement point was giving when the summary/terms and conditions either mentioned specifically that they did offer a new replacement or when there was no mention that the replacement may be a reconditioned.

Unlimited repairs was difficult to judge.  The point was given when in our judgement/interpretation there was either a specific mention that there was unlimited repairs or when there was no specified limit to the amount of money claimed on the policy. Common sense would say if the product cost £300 to buy and the product needed a 4th repair where all the repairs have cost £100 each then both parties would want the product to be replaced. Through this analysis it showcase the difficulty for a consumer to compare apples with apples when each product is described in different ways.

Response time
Response time quoted
annual health check
accidental damage
loan product
new for old replacement
unlimited repairs
Acer advantage4 to 48 hours1011003
Amazon - Square trade policyX0010001
Argos Breakdown careX0010113
Big WarrantyX0010001
Bosch directX0010113
Cheaper Gadget Insurance (dont cover laptops)X0010001
Co-op electricalX0000101
Currys -Whatever Happens2 days for engineer visit / 21 days fix or replace1010002
Currys -Whatever Happens Premier2 days visit / 7 days fix or replace1110003
Currys -Whatever Happens Premier (laptops)2 days visit / 7 days fix or replace1111004
Domestic and GeneralX0010113
Home appliance guardX0010012
Hughes DirectWill send an engineer within 2 days1010114
John LewisX0010001
John Lewis (Free cover)X0000101
Littlewoods2 days of repairers first visit1000113
Protect your bubbleX1010002
Richer Sounds0000000
Switched On InsuranceX0010001
Tesco Tech Support5 day repair or your money back1010114

If you have any thoughts or feedback based upon the way we have compiled the quick guide please contact us.