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This is a guide to help you learn more about buying a Bosch extended warranty. We are totally unbiased and independent. We list every extended warranty on the market. Most comparison sites only list the products they can get paid to sell, we think this is wrong. We think consumers should consider all the options so they can make the best decision for them.

Bosch extended warranty

About Bosch (direct from manufacture)

Bosch manufacturers a range of technology products within 360 subsidiaries. Bosch home appliances is a 50/50 joint venture between Bosch and Siemens. They provide additional warranty protection which is administrated through a partnership with Domestic & General.

Do we earn commission if you buy through us?   No

For this website to remain free to use some of the providers listed on this site make us a payment if you buy through our website. You never pay more to buy through us. If the retailer pays us it comes out of their profit and is NEVER an additional cost to you.  You will not save money by going direct and not clicking on the links on our site but you will not help keep us in business. Even if we do not have a commercial relationship with a provider it still helps us if you click on the links from our website to theirs. This may help us build a relationship with that provider in the future. Learn more about how we are financed.

Is this Bosch extended warranty available on products built elsewhere?   Yes

Most of the places you can buy extended warranties are electronics retailers. Apart from Amazon Squaretrade’s extended warranty every product retailer will only sell you a warranty if you bought the product from them. Third party extended warranty suppliers and some product manufacturers will let you buy an extended warranty without saying you have to have bought the product from them.

What products can you buy the Bosch extended warranty for?

Retailers often sell extended warranties for many different products. We have listed some of the most common products. To find out if you can buy an extended warranty for a product not listed below please click on the link on the “Visit shop” link at the bottom of the list.

Do Bosch sell extended warranties for laptops?  No  

Check out our laptop extended warranty buyers guide and comparison chart.

Do Bosch sell extended warranties for TVs?  No  

Check out our TV extended warranty buyers guide and comparison chart.

Do Bosch sell extended warranties for washing machines?  Yes  Visit store

Check out our washing machine extended warranty buyers guide and comparison chart.

How do I buy extended warranties for other products not listed above?  

Check out our extended warranty buyers guide on our home page.

What does their extended warranty cover?

  • Do they cover accidental damage?   Yes

Most extended warranties cover accidental damage from either the day you buy the product (in the case of most electronics retailers) or short period after the cover has been bought (for most 3rd party extended warranty providers).

  • Do they list a response time?    No

Not all extended warranty providers will list a response time but have published those who do share this information.

  • Do they offer an annual health check?   No

A few extended warranty providers offer an additional premium service to prevent any breakdowns by coming to check the product once per year. It is not very common but some of the most premium covers offer this feature.

  • Do they offer a loan product while yours is getting repaired?   No

Some extended warranty providers will offer a loan product while yours is out of action. It is sometimes provided on some premium laptop and TVs warranties.

  • Do they guarantee a new for old replacement (rather than a reconditioned model)   Yes

In the terms and conditions of each policy it will specify if they product can not be repaired what they will do. We have only given a provider a tick for this if they explicitly say it will be replaced with a new product and does not mention that it MAY be replaced with a reconditioned product.

  • Do they offer unlimited repairs?   Yes

We have awarded a tick in this category if they explicitly mention unlimited repairs. This is only worth worrying about if you have an expensive product which keeps having very cheap things go wrong with it. In reality if something keep going wrong and thee repair costs add up to more than the cost of the item then it would be everyone’s interest for the item to be replaced. In this scenario unlimited repairs is not really than important.

Other information about Bosch extended warranties

Standard manufacturers guarantee (up to 24 months free if you register)

Bosch Extended warranty terms and conditions (offered through a partnership with Domestic & General)

  • When/if your equipment has been replaced as a result of a claim, your policy will end.
  • You must also pay for the supplier’s delivery and/or installation charges and for any outstanding plan fee instalments.

Have you bought an extended warranty from Bosch?

If you have bought a Bosch extended warranty please leave a review below in the reply section.

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