How this site is financed

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We want to be the most helpful, free source of information about extended warranties there is. For us to remain free to use it helps us if you click on the links on our website to take you through to the retailers/providers to make your purchase. Some of the links on this site may result in us receiving a payment from the retailer/provider. These links are marked with an *. You will always pay exactly the same as if you went to the retailer directly, but you are helping us remain free to use and enable us to help other people like we have helped you.


We want to share with you exactly how much we make from every retailer/provider.


Learn why we think you should be able to trust us.

All the details

For a more detailed guide as to the specific payment amounts we would get paid you can check the guide below:

Commission rate
Amazon (Square trade policy)5%
John Lewis2%
Hughes Direct2.5%
Electrical 1232%
Protect Your Bubble£9.50
Sonic Direct2.5%
Sky Protect £13.50
Warranty Shop25%

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