Free Samsung 5 year extended warranty

Free Samsung 5 year extended warranty

Free Samsung 5 year guarentee

Free Samsung 5 year guarantee

Samsung are offering free 5 year extended warranty on selected products. It is a parts and labour warranty. Which implies that it doesn’t cover replacement of the machine should something fatal happen during the free promotional extension.

Details of the extended 5 year warranty can found here.

You need to register your product within 90 days on the following page

This is an extra 3 years on top of the standard 2 year warranty. The extended warranty is available from the following product:

  • ecobubble™ Washing Machines
  • ecobubble™ Washer Dryers
  • Tumble Dryers
  • Dual Cook™ Ovens
  • Compact Ovens
  • Induction Hobs
  • Refrigerators: G-Series, RB29/RB31 or selected One Door Fridge or selected One Door Freezer
  • Selected Dishwashers

Three ways to redeem your 5 year warranty

  1. Register online and then upload a copy of your invoice
  2. Register online and then post a copy of your invoice
  3. Register by phone and then post a copy of your invoice. Simply call Samsung Customer Support Centre for UK: 0330 SAMWNTY (7269689), for EIRE: +44 191 615 3079

Visit the Samsung site for more information. Full terms and conditions are available.

Where can you get the 5 year warranty from?

The warranty period starts on the date of invoice as shown on the purchase receipt. The
standard warranty period ends 24 months later. By registering the product(s) within 90 days after
the invoice date, you will receive an additional 3 years’ extended limited warranty service (callout
charges, parts and labour only, unless product is in Samsung’s opinion beyond economic repair),
which will bring the total period of coverage to 5 years from the date of invoice (the “Extended
Warranty Period”). All of the terms set in this Statement of Limited Warranty shall apply to any
extended warranty. The method of service and operating conditions will be as described in the
original warranty statement provided with the Samsung Product.

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