Compare extended warranty terms and conditions

Compare extended warranty terms and conditions from all the suppliers


Here are a collection of all the extended warranty terms and conditions for all the places you can buy extended warranties in the UK.


Only works for Acer products but you can buy for a product bought from any retailer. You have 365 days to activate a policy (sounds like they mean you can buy the extended warranty within 1 year of purchase).

Acer extended warranty terms and conditions

Information about how to get upto 20% discount on selected Acer advantage extended warranty.

Excludes battery beyond original manufacturer guarantee.

Amazon / Squaretrade


Terms and conditions

Appliances Direct

Terms and Conditions

Notable terms

  • If you claim within the first 6 months and you pay monthly they will ask for full payment of the rest of the first sixth months before you can claim.
  • The replacement cost of the equipment reduced to by 10% per year up to a maximum of 70%. This means if you needed a replacement after 3 years of ownership they will only pay out 80% of the purchase price.
  • Maximum you can claim is the value of the product up to a limit of £2000. If the device costs more than £2000 you can only claim £2000.

Big warranties

Key facts

Terms and conditions

Cheaper gadget insurance

There are two sets of documents: one for single product cover and one for multiple product cover. They do not cover mechanical break down on laptops. Therefore do not offer an extended warranty on laptops.

Single product:
Multi product cover:


Cover is provided by Corporate Support Solutions (CSS). COOP refers you to their terms and conditions.

Currys / PC World

Both of these companies are owned by the same company so offer the same terms and conditions. Their extended warranty product is called “Whatever happens”. They have two levels of cover standard and premium.

Currys PC World Whatever happens care plan comparison

Currys PC World Whatever happens care plan comparison

Standard cover terms and conditions (you need to click on “the small print” tab).

Premium cover terms and conditions (you need to click on “the small print” tab).

Click here for the Key Facts

Click here for the Terms & Conditions 

Domestic and general

Plan Summary

You will receive different terms and conditions depending on whether your appliance is still in the manufacturer’s guarantee period (usually one year) when you buy your protection plan.

Click below for full terms and conditions depending on how old your product is (PDF format):

  • Terms and Conditions PDF for equipment that is 0-3 months old and is still IN-GUARANTEE at the time you take out a protection plan.
  • Terms and Conditions PDF for equipment that is older than 3 months old but is still IN-GUARANTEE at the time you take out a protection plan.
  • Terms and Conditions PDF for equipment which is OUT OF GUARANTEE at the time you take a protection plan

Home appliance guard

Policy Terms & Conditions - Download PDF (216.75 Kb)

Depending on the age of Your Appliance You may be required to pay a contribution towards the replacement cost as shown below.

Appliance age & your contribution

Up to 5 years old = 0%
Between 5 up to 10 years old = 25%
10 years and above = 50%

Hughes Direct

Cover provided by Domestic and General.

Summary of protection

Full terms and conditions for when cover is taken out on a product within its manufacturers guarantee period.

John Lewis

John Lewis provide two types of cover.

They offer a free extension to all electronic and electrical products. This covers for up to 5 years in the case of televisions but it varies from product to product. All computers, DVD players and large electrical appliances have 2-year guarantees.

John Lewis also offer paid for extended warranty (they call “Service Cover” which covers you when their free cover ends. Full terms and conditions can be found here.



Terms and conditions

Overview of what is covered

  • Unlimited repairs up to the market value of the product. They define ‘Market Value’ as meaning the current retail price less 20% if failure occurs between 12 and 24 months from the purchase date of the product from new and less 1% per month thereafter (12% per annum).

Manufacturers options


Standard manufacturers guarantee (up to 24 months free if you register)

Bosch Extended warranty terms and conditions (offered through a partnership with Domestic & General)

  • When/if your equipment has been replaced as a result of a claim, your policy will end.
  • You must also pay for the supplier’s delivery and/or installation charges and for any outstanding plan fee instalments.

Protect your bubble

Gadget cover summary of cover (PDF download)

Gadget cover terms and conditions (PDF download)

Richer Sounds

Richer Sounds over 5 years extended warranty cover called Supercare on HIFI, home cinema components and speakers. They offer a money back guarantee. If you return your unused warranty policy at the end of the five years it runs for within 30 days of the policy end date you will get a refund on the cost of the policy.

Supercare terms and conditions

They also offer 5 year warranty cover for TVs and projectors.

TV Extended warranty Terms and conditions

The cover for both is always 10% of the purchase price.

Both types of cover have the follow term which I read as they will not replace you with a new product, it may be a product of similar age, specification and condition. In our opinion this says this sounds like they will not only give you a reconditioned product but potentially a product which is not in such good condition.

  • The Company’s liability is limited to the lower of the original purchase price of the product or its current value. (Current value means the cost of replacement of the product immediately prior to the time of failure with an item of similar age, specification and condition.)

Sky Protect (TV cover)

Sonic Direct

They call the extended warranty a “Protection Plan” the cover is provided by Corporate support solutions (CSS). Their Extended Warranty terms and conditions can be found here.

Switched on Insurance

They have three levels of cover:

Standard cover terms and conditions (PDF download)

Premium cover terms and conditions (PDF download) includes 45 days world wide cover & Theft

Ultimate cover terms and conditions (PDF download) includes 45 days world wide cover, Theft & Loss

You may cancel your policy withing 14 days of purchase.

Cover frequently asked questions.


Terms and conditions

Warranty Direct

Summary of cover


They do not cover you for accidental damage.

They have a policy wording document which gives the detail of the household extended warranty cover they provide.

They have an excess which is due on each claim which is between £20-£35 per claim.

There is a claim limit per item insured which is between £170-£800 and a claim limit per policy which is between £1000-£5000. Warranty shop have different levels of cover which account for the different claim limits and excesses. The table below shows this in more detail.

warranty shop extended warranty options

warranty shop extended warranty options

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