Can I buy an extended warranty after I have bought the product?

In short yes. However once you have bought a product your options are limited as the majority of retailers of extended warranties are only available if you buy that product from them. This advice is the same for extended warranties for TVs, laptops, washing machines, dishwashers, fridge, freezers and pretty much any product.


You have three options available:

Return the product

To give you the best options available to you, you need to you need to be able to consider all the options on the market from all the suppliers of extended warranties. If you are within the refund period the retailer offers and you haven’t used the product you may be able to return it. Before you do this consider the different options that are available to you and if there is a better offer for you. You can use our extended warranty guides¬†which can be accessed through the menu bar at the top of this page.

Buy extended warranty from the retailer you bought the product from

This may not be the best option as the warranties offered by the retailers are not always the best value on the market. You should have at least 30 days after purchase to return to the retailer to get the warranty offered at point of sale.

3rd party extended warranty supplier

If you outside the returns period for the product and you don’t want to buy from the place you bought the product from you can buy from one of the 3rd party suppliers of extended warranties. The list of suppliers varies depending on what product you want to cover but Amazon, Domestic and General and Warranty Direct cover most products.